Inside Beauty vs Women

The Corporate Challenge – Networking with companies and raising awareness around gender inequality in corporate branding, advertising, and the workplace. Using the #NotBuyingIt campaign where necessary, to empower the consumer. Pressuring corporations to sign the ‘Corporate Social Responsibility Pledge’ by Collective Shout, Australia.

The BVW Test – Film and TV, empowering women in consumer/viewer choices. (Launching 2015) – If you are interested in applying for a role in this project please click here for details.

Mentoring – Helping women and girls into power. Meetings, mentoring, film projects and educational programs for inspiring and supporting women and girls in achieving their future dreams and goals.

Support – Working alongside and supporting men’s groups that challenge and improve gender inequality by supporting and educating boys and men to reach their greatest potential. Supporting A Call To Men UK – see ‘The Manbox’ (Tony Porter – A Call To Men US).

If you would like to contribute, start-up, be supported or just join in with any of these projects, you’re very welcome! Just email The Beauty vs Women Project info(Replace this parenthesis with the @ sign) Thanks!



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