Thomas Stocking, COO, Gandi US  – 

We are indebted to you for your dedication in fighting human exploitation….We will also support you in pressuring American Apparel to change their advertising tactics based on degrading images that undermine the fight for equality.

Having reviewed some of the marketing campaigns that [American Apparel] supplier has used, we agree that they are guilty of engaging in misogynist, exploitative marketing practices. These kinds of ads are a clear contributing factor to the dehumanization of women that’s already so pervasive in this country and in this field in particular.

If you know of a way our involvement could help pressure them, please let us know”.

Jean Kilbourne, International Speaker and Filmmaker on the image of women in advertising. – 

“So glad to learn about you”.

Campaigns Manager, OBJECT

“Your campaign sounds absolutely fantastic and we’d love to support it”.

Izabella Demavlys, Director/Cinematographer, ‘Eternal Flame’ – 

“I have been following Beauty vs Women since discovering that we have a similar passion – to highlight the unrealistic beauty standards in our societies that targets women and girls, permanently lowering their self-esteem. I am delighted that Beauty vs Women is a donor to my film: Eternal Flame, which undercurrent message is about true inner beauty. We need more women to stand up and talk about these issues; it is time for a change. Thank you for your great work!”

Click here for Eternal Flame Campaign.

Sara Goryl, Founder Too Apparel USA –

“We would like to be a supporter of your site. I’m very passionate about the message you are putting out there. Seriously, thank you for what you are doing.” 

too apparel


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