Our Charter

The Beauty vs Women Charter

Beauty vs Women is NOT anti-beauty!

It’s normal and healthy for anyone to want to be attractive and it’s normal to enjoy beauty. Beauty in itself is a healthy and necessary part of the human condition.The ‘battle’ (vs) is with the pervasive use of beauty and women’s bodies in all forms of media as a means of normalising sexism and sexualising VAWG.

In the media, where women are under-represented, beauty is a woman’s primary means of value. This is communicated in a number of ways both explicitly and implicitly: images, camera focus, sexualised/pornographic content, comment, criticism, analysis, shaming, and success in the industry, all serving sexist ideas of women’s roles, most commonly overshadowing or ignoring a woman’s other qualities and comment.

In advertising, where women are prolifically used, the beauty portrayal is implausibly perfected and distorted; Women are routinely sexually objectified, demeaned, and dehumanised in ways that most often impact negatively on their identity, potential and self-esteem.

Beauty vs Women is NOT anti-men

Beauty vs Women is anti-misogyny, anti-sexism, and anti male violence. We believe misogynistic and violent men do not speak for all men. Both men and women have been conditioned in a routinely sexist culture. Undoing this takes time and understanding. We support the A Call To Men and #HeForShe campaigns.

Beauty vs Women says #What you Feel is Real

Beauty vs Women is about supporting and strengthening women’s voices. It supports the #webelieveyou message of rape, domestic violence and abuse organisations that enable women and girls to talk about their feelings and experiences without being subjected to dismissal, minimisation, trivialisation, avoidance, victim blaming, excessive questioning, etc.

Beauty vs Women believes excessive hyper-sexualised, commodified beauty is harmful

Hyper-sexualised portrayals of women exist pervasively in mainstream media. These images and sexist representations demean and dehumanise women and have a harmful impact on the well being of women and girls* both in normalising and trivialising violence against women as well as significantly lowering body confidence and enjoyment of intimate relationships. *See the Home Office Review in ‘Facts & Stats’.

Beauty vs Women believes that mainstream beauty pressure is political: that is it enables coercive control of a large percentage of the population.

Beauty vs Women is committed to equality in all its forms.

Beauty vs Women is absolutely inclusive of all women, whatever their relationship with their beauty, identity, or sexuality. Beauty vs Women may not always agree with other women but does not seek to prescribe ‘correct’ feminism. The project is committed to diversity, including the diverse opinions of different women, feminists, and their life choices. We welcome constructive criticism from women who feel their identity group is not well represented in the content of this website and will endeavour to incorporate change based on this feedback.

Beauty in balance: for a more diverse representation of all women and equality between men and women across all media.