Beauty vs Women launching ‘The BVW Test’ and Grading for Film and TV Sexism

The Beauty vs Women Project is designed to empower women against sexist and sexually objectifying media, and as such has been developing a new system of testing and grading film and television (as well as other media) for sexist and dehumanising content.

The outcome is ‘The BVW Test’. It’s hoped this test will empower women to make informed choices about the media they engage with, and improve access to enjoyable and inspiring culture that portrays and represents women in diverse and realistic ways.

“It is also hoped The BVW Test will highlight the extent of the problem we currently have with sexist and sexually dehumanising media and inspire a new generation of directors, actors and film-makers to change the way we see and represent women in culture”. – Sammi Jane Pay, Founder of The Beauty vs Women Project.

Why You Should Stop Reading Magazines by Tom Gill || Spoken Word HD

At times this video feels like blame is shifted away from misogyny to simply pointing the finger at capitalism and blaming women, (“it’s all in your head”).

Of course, it’s not all in your head, it’s all around us, everyday, through sexist media, but Tom Gill is a talented man with some important food for thought about ‘chat’ magazines and advertising’s toxic affects on women and girls’ identity.

Anxiety-masking obsessions that develop as a result of sexism in society portraying women in objectified and ‘perfected’ ways lead women to painful places of body shame and low self-esteem, however, the overall advice on ‘limiting screen time’ or magazine time to avoid exposure to harmful content is an important subject worth debating?.

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